Effort to develop an app so anyone can be analytical about animations.


Test Driven Development

Clean code that works.

Who wouldn’t want code like that?  A book well worth studying, reviewing, and then implementing in practice.  Well worth the time reading and reading, then doing and redoing.

Cheat Sheet for Clean Code by Robert Martin

Read the book, took notes.  Well worth the time, I feel like I am writing better code already.

The Roadmap

0.0 Workplaces (done)

Get githup repository for code
Get greenhopper for development

0.1 UI Design (done)

Visual layout
Clickable PDF

0.2 Class Stubs

UML static class design
UML dynamic design
Road Map

0.3 Data Input

layout calculations
User input

0.4 Number collections

Gamma collections
Symmetry groups

0.5 Dynamic Numbers

Complex planes

0.6 Animations

0.6.1 Particles
0.6.2 Parameters
0.6.3 Fields
0.6.4 Boundaries
0.6.5 Symmetries

0.7 Share


0.8 Help


0.9 Marketing


1.0 All Buttons Work

1.1 Curved Spacetime

UML: Name that thing

Created my first draft of a Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagram.  This provides a visual place for class names, variable, and methods.  No code, but lots of names.  Will be updating this often as I think about how to do each step.

Will use Apache 2.0 license

Same license is used by Android OS where the project hopes to run.


Data from Phone

Give the users some choices and ways to set the defaults.

A clickable pdf is available, made using BalsamIQ  Mockup software.

Full Screen Mode

Looking into different aspect ratios, it was clear a square screen might cause problems.  If one could switch between having the menus or not having them, that would help a viewer see what is going on.  Now the simplest view is all animation all the time, with only a few controls to make things more complicated should one choose:

Hitting the +/- button will add the rotation and boost controls:

The cross-like icon is a YouTube convention for breaking out of full screen mode.  Hit that, and one gets the menus back:

One might start out with this complicated view, then “show off” the full screen view without the rotation and boost controls.

A Simple or More Complex View

This is the simple view:

If one hits the +/-, many more controls appear:

The more complicated view also includes numbers for rotations and boosts.

The home button will reset all rotations, boost, and menu values to the defaults.

Figuring out the names of things: classes, variables, methods.  So many words will be required to generate these pictures.

Figuring out the names of things: classes, variables, methods.  So many words will be required to generate these pictures.

A screencast of the Analytic Animation app mockup.  This is what the software will look like, and how it will behave.